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About Elle Johnson Co.

Elle Johnson Co. is an award-winning, botanical based luxury skincare company founded in 2017 by LaVonndra "Elle" Johnson after being both overwhelmed and underwhelmed with the luxury market for black women as it relates to beauty.  While seeking viable skincare options to remedy the issue of having oily skin which lead to blackheads and acne prone skin, Elle became overwhelmed with the elaborate 10-step regimens and wanted to find simplicity in a regimen while still achieving results.  On the other hand, when a product met the skincare need and achieved results, Elle felt the packaging was not aesthetically pleasing, nor worthy of placement on her coveted vanity.  It was at this point, Elle decided to utilize her skill set in branding and create a fusion of the two; simplified skincare packaged with a luxury aesthetic that can sit proudly on any vanity.

Our Products

Our initial bundle, and still our bestseller today is our CLEAR 3 bundle.  It features a cleanser, toner and moisturizer in two formulations; one for those with normal/dry skin, and another for those with combination/oily skin.  Our beauty space carves out a niche for those who want to achieve glowing results while better understanding their skin and how, and why it, reacts the way it does.  Our aim is to offer targeted skincare solutions by consistently driving the conversation around skin type.

As a black-owned brand, our dedication has always been centered around providing skincare solutions that are gentle, yet effective; uncompromising, and luxuriously packaged, while targeting the skin issues of women of color.  Our product formulations are botanical (plant) based, and include both organic and vegan skincare solutions.  At Elle Johnson Co., we believe skincare should be; nurturing to the skin, easy to use, smell delicious, and feel incredible.  We truly believe you can achieve radiant, glowing skin without the hassle or complication of 10-step skincare routine.

Our Mission

Our vision is centered around making all women feel beautiful, radiant, and confident to bare their skin.  To feel free from the societal pressures of wearing a full face of makeup and reveal their true identities by providing you with a simple, yet comprehensive skincare regimen in luxe packaging, that renews and restores confidence.  

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Botanicals are natural plant extracts from herbs, flowers, and seeds.


Products are packaged in acrylic and glass for durability and to prevent plastic transfer.


Products that are nurturing and calming to the skin.  Clean beauty, uncompromised.


The proof is in the reviews.  Products that work and renew self confidence.

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