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Almah Assembly

At Elle Johnson Co., we truly believe in our youth and have a passion for mentoring and motivating young girls to become the fierce leaders of tomorrow.  Because of this passion, we've launched our nonprofit organization, Almah Assembly, that will focus on four key areas of personal development.


  • self care

  • body positivity

  • kindness

  • purposeful intent


An intentional act for the purpose of one's mental, emotional or physical health.


Challenging societal and popular views of the ideal shape, size, or appearance


Learning to be kind to ourselves and others, as we walk in the spirit of compasion.


Purposeful intent leads to purposeful actions that result in purposeful outcomes.

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Founded by North Carolina native and brand strategist (you've actually seen some of her brand concepts and events on VH1 and Bravo networks), LaVonndra "Elle" Johnson became a skincare enthusiast after witnessing so many women struggle with skin conditions, often times leading to lowered self-esteem and confidence, and a reliance on artificial beauty.  Her own battle with extremely oily skin, causing black heads, lead her to seek viable options for skincare.  After trying chemical based products, which contained harsh chemicals and caused severe dryness and rash, Elle sought out natural remedies to calm the skin and aid in a clearer and even skin tone. 


With a formal background in branding, and after creating stellar platforms for her clients locally and nationally, Elle decided to put her skill set to use and launch her own brand.  Known for her knack for design, a key component of the line would be the look and feel.  Packaged in acrylic bottling with a sophisticated gold touch, a signature look and luxurious experience is the goal with each product created. 


Comprised of a simple 1-2-3 format featuring a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer (see our CLEAR 3 bundle) the Elle Johnson Co. brand launched on September 23, 2017.  Within a short period of time, the brand has grown from it's initial 5 products which comprised of (2) cleansers, (1) toner, and (2) moisturizers to nearly a dozen products.   


At Elle Johnson Co., we want your skincare regimen to be simple, yet effective.  We believe that all things should be beautiful, even your skin care!    

Follow our Founder on social media @thebeauteboss

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