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Here's Why Fragrance in Skincare Is Not Completely Bad

Many people naturally assume that fragrance in skincare must be a bad thing. However, this is not completely and always true. It depends on what type of fragrances you are using. Your face is the first thing people look at and for most of us, it's very important. Sometimes when testing products with strong scents on sensitive skin, it can cause irritation. Despite this fact, many customers are more attracted to products with a smell. It makes them more inspired to use the skincare or whatever the product may be. In fact, most skincare products in the luxury market have a faint smell to them. Some of these fragrances can be chemical free and contain essential oils, which causes more benefits than harm.

Try to Stay Away From These Fragrances

It is very important that while you are looking for skincare, you pay attention to the ingredients in the products that you are using on your skin. If you know you have sensitive skin, you might want to opt for a more milder fragrance. "Clean" or "Natural" fragrance is a great alternative because it is chemical free.There is a difference between synthetic fragrances and Natural Fragrance. Synthetic fragrance contains chemicals, phthalates, and other harsh toxins. It will generally tend to have more of a "perfume" scent. Natural skincare is naturally a cleaner alternative to regular skincare, so many of these products contain a cleaner or "fresh" scent. If you have inflammatory skin conditions, it is probably not wise to look for skincare with a strong or perfume scent.

The Type of Fragrances You Should Be Using

All fragrances are not completely bad. Like mentioned before, many high end companies use some type of fragrance in their products. Allergic Contact Dermatitis is a huge issue in many products with fragrance so it is also important to know your skin. On the contrary, mild fragrance can have a positive effect. Most natural skincare, like the Botanical Cleansing Lotion, contains mild fragrances such as Green Tea, Coconut, and Chamomile which is specifically designed for sensitive skin. These products are known to be gentle for the skin and can improve your mood and help with energy as well!

Are Clean Fragrances Always Better?

This question goes back to knowing your skin. There is not one type of skincare that works best for every single person. Although products with heavy fragrances are not recommended, If you have tried both products with strong fragrances and products with cleaner fragrances, then you probably know which one is better for your skin. If you have more sensitive skin then it is probably best to go with a product with a more calmer scent. Natural skincare is definitely a safer alternative and is more likely to appeal to sensitive skin because it often has been tested. It is also free from any harsh ingredients that could make your skin even worse. If you are completely unsure, it is probably best to talk to a specialist or dermatologist before purchasing any new products to use on your face.

Skincare Ingredients That Do Not Cause Irritation


Chamomile is already known to have a calming effect. Good news, it can have the same type of effect on your skin! Chamomile is derived from plants and does an amazing job at combating redness and irritation on your skin.


Aloe is also known to be a great ingredient that is used for many healing benefits. Aloe also comes from plants, which naturally gives this ingredient a calming effect. This ingredient is perfect for sensitive skin due to it's outstanding healing effects.

Green Tea

Green tea is a natural ingredient that is great for aging and it is known to provide antioxidants that can give you energy. Many skincare products already contain this ingredient and this has definitely become a popular ingredient used in many skincare regimens.


Cucumber is a plant that can be used in many different ways. You can eat it of course and use it for your skin! Many people use cucumbers on their eyes to get rid of redness and dark circles. That is because cucumber is known to have both a brightening and calming effect!

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