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How to Enhance Your New Year's Glow

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

The New Year's festivities and celebrations may have worn off but that doesn't mean your glow has to wear off. Some of us may have stuck to our resolutions to work out more, eat healthier, or just have an overall better skincare routine that actually lasts. Well, we can help you with one of those things. Keep reading for how you can enhance your New Year's glow.

In our last blog post, (click here) I talked about how you can maintain a fresh skincare regimen with our famous Clear 3 Bundle (click here). You may have already purchased this bundle and were very satisfied with the results so you're wondering what else is out there. Once again, we got you!

The Clear and Bright Bundle (click here) is an offer of ours that is crafted specifically for the New Year's and for you, as a valued customer! We have formulated a bundle that contains our best seller products and ones that we also know that are guaranteed to give you a long lasting glow.

What's in this bundle?

Many people already know about the Twilight Facial Oil (click here) due to it being one of our best sellers and also being award winning! It is known for it's hydrating and moisturizing effects. Good news, this award winning serum is also found in our Clear and Bright Bundle!

The most important steps in any skincare regimen is a cleanser and moisturizer. The Elle Johnson Co. Botanical Cleansing Lotion and Mango Facial Cream are made for dry skin. The Chamomile Facial Wash and Jojoba Moisturizer are made for combination or oily skin. Don't forget to customize your bundle for your skin type!

Click here to view more information about our cleansers

Click here to view more information about our moisturizers

The Niacinamide Bright Serum (click here) is a serum of ours that launched in the summer of 2021. It has amazing anti-aging benefits that also work to brighten the skin and even out skin texture. You can also find this serum in the Clear and Bright Bundle!


The Most Important Winter Skincare Item

As you all know, winter means dry skin so that means exfoliating is important! The Sugar Rush Facial Polish (click here) gets rid of any dead skin, and reveals a smooth and glowing layer of skin underneath. Luckily, this amazing item is also found in the Clear and Bright Bundle.

Don't forget to purchase your Clear and Bright bundle (click here) today - with an irresistible price and product combination!


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