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How to Prevent Breaking The Bank With Your Skincare

Is "Breaking the Bank" really worth it?

Humans all over the world blow millions of dollars on skincare throughout their lifetimes. To be completely honest, skincare IS something you should be investing in. How much you invest in your skincare will definitely show on your skin, itself. You really do get what you pay for - in some cases. So, should you be breaking the bank or taking the drugstore route? Keep reading to find out your best bet!

Luxury Skincare Can Be Great!

You've probably heard before that the more expensive something is, the better it will be. This is not always true. Despite this, some of my favorite advice to live by is the idea that you should not skip out on your skincare. Skincare is something you should really invest in. Luxury skincare is considered products that you will most likely not find in a drugstore. They are called "luxury" because it costs more money to market. A lot of money goes into creating these products, with hopes that they'll be effective. For example, high end skincare and beauty lines such as Clinique, La Mer, and Tatcha have lots of traction and that's most likely because they actually work! Many people do not mind investing money in their skincare because with luxury, you definitely get what you pay for!

Drugstore Skincare Can Also Be Great!

Some people are so caught up in the negative connotation that drugstore skincare is bad for your skin. This is not always true. Many people have raved about over the counter products and the wonders they have done for their skin. At the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing, simplicity! Both drugstore and luxury products that work are known to have simple or natural ingredients. They are also known to have a faint smell to them. Take the drugstore cleanser, Cetaphil, for example. This cleanser has little to no smell. The Elle Johnson Co. luxury line also has a faint smell too because the quality of these products is efficient and is known to work wonders!

Which kind of skincare is right for you?


It is definitely fair to consider luxury skincare a safer route. Due to the expensiveness of these products, more testing and money goes into making them. This overall just means that there are more quality ingredients that most likely work best for all skin types. With the right research, you can find which luxury line will work best for you. Also TRY THE ELLE JOHNSON CO. LINE for luxury products.

Over the counter

Not everyone can afford luxury skincare that is found in department stores. Luckily, there are some great over the counter products that you can find at your local target, sephora, or ulta. Some great OTC skincare lines include Cera Ve, Cetaphil, The Inkey List, or The Ordinary. these products are very raved about by dermatologists and other skincare lovers. They have also been tested on sensitive skin for legitimacy.

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