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New Year, New Glow!

Now that we're ringing in the New Year, it's time for us to make sure that our skin looks just as new as this incoming year! Now is the time for you to begin a new skincare regimen that will set your skin on a path of glowing and healthy skin. We've got just the recipe! Keep reading to find out more.

Where Should You Start?

If we are being completely honest, most of us probably put our skin through harsh things last year. We have all been dealing with stress due to Covid or other related issues and our skin most likely endured some those effects as well. The New Year is a wonderful time because we have a chance to start fresh and develop new habits. That goes for the habits on your skin too! So the question is , where you should begin?

When starting a new skincare regimen, you should always be mindful of what you are putting on your skin and make sure that the ingredients are clean. You also want to make sure the ingredients are not going to cause any irritability for your skin. We have the perfect set of products for skincare lovers who are new to the organic skincare world and want to find an effective and easy skincare brand.

Clear 3 Bundle

The Clear 3 Bundle (Click here) is an Elle Johnson Co. bestseller!. It is famous for its simplicity and it is the number one bundle for people who are just discovering our brand. This bundle is a great place to start for your skin and our brand because it just contains three simple steps such as a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, which is all you need in skincare. Many skincare brands will try to complicate things and promote many different products that they believe are essential for your skin. However, the key to great skin is only using the 3 most important products. By cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, your skin will be content. This bundle is going to guarantee you a fresh start with clear and glowing skin.

The Clear 3 Bundle is also customized based on your skin type.

Dry Skin -

Botanical Cleansing Lotion

Botanical Firming Toner

Mango Facial Cream

Oily/Combo Skin -

Chamomile Facial Wash

Botanical Firming Toner

Jojoba Moisturizer

Want to Add a Little Extra Glow?

The Twilight Facial Oil (Click here) is the perfect tool that will ensure an extra glow to your routine. With the Clear 3's easy and quick steps, you have already cleansed and moisturized your face. Why not take it a step further and add a dewy finish. Pick up the Twilight Facial Oil and add it into your routine for flawless results throughout this dry winter season.

For a Softer Glow...

The Hydrating Rose Facial Elixir is also a great serum of ours that we love to share during the winter months. This serum is a little more lightweight than the Twilight Facial Oil and is meant to be applied before the Twilight Facial Oil, as you would a regular serum. It contains Hyaluronic Acid so this Elixir can replace your regular everyday serum and leave you with flawless and long lasting results.

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