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Preparing Your Skin for the Winter Months

What the Winter Time Means for Your Skin

First things first, most of us may be happy that winter is approaching , but with winter comes dry skin. Luckily the holiday season is upon us, which we all can agree is a wonderful time. However, during this season it is crucial that we give our skin more love. Coming from summer, our skin has probably been super oily and moisturized throughout the summer months. Now as the winter approaches our skin is going to have to adjust to the cold weather. The cold weather will cause our lips and skin to appear extra dry , but that is why hydration is so important. We're here to teach you how to maintain your skin!

Switching up Your Skin Routine for the Winter

Due to the temperature drop and cold weather, your skincare routine may need a change as well. During the summer you may have used a cleanser that was more of a thicker consistency to help penetrate your pores and cleanse them from all of the excess sweat you have accumulated from the previous day. You maybe have done even more face masks to prevent your skin from becoming extra oily and to help prevent breakouts.

To prepare for winter, you will just need to switch the type of face mask you use and amp up your moisturizing game.

Skin Care Tips for Winter

Just because winter is approaching does not mean your skin will be immune from becoming dirty. You can still do cleansing masks such as clay masks, but switch up the frequency that you do them in. Maybe before, you would use them once a week. For winter, maybe opt for doing them every two weeks or once a month instead! Especially if you have drier skin.

Like I mentioned above, for summer you may have been using a heavier foaming cleanser to fully cleanse your skin, since that was the main focus. Now that it is winter, you should search for a cleanser with primarily hydrating properties. Having a cleanser that cleanses your skin, but strips your skin and leaves it dry is not the goal for this season.

Hydration may be the most important aspect of maintaining your skin during the winter season. In the summer, you most likely had a lightweight moisturizer that did the trick of hydrating your skin so that it did not clog your pores. During the winter, try a moisturizer that has more of a thicker consistency to lock in hydration.

Most of us know that serums are also very important in a good skincare routine. This may be a good time to purchase a Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Also, facial mists will be your best friend!

Use this time to do more sheet masks! Most of them are for providing hydration and you will definitely see a difference while using them.

Don't forget your SPF of course! The sun may be hiding, but it's still there.

How to Make Your Skin Glow during the Winter

Luckily, all of the Elle Johnson Co. products work best in any season that there is. That of course means, the Twilight Facial Oil will become your favorite this winter. Read below to find out how to use it and give yourself a winter glow


Follow your usual skincare routine by cleansing with a hydrating cleanser.

Immediately follow up with Hyaluronic Acid or a hydrating serum ( Try the Hydrating Rose Elixir ) while skin is damp.

If you have extra skin dryness, then take a few drops of the Twilight Facial Oil and mix it in with your moisturizer. You will definitely see a difference and glow in your skin.

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