SUITED FOR: Combination and Oily Skin


A light foaming gentle gel face wash that is suitable for all skin types. Mild cleansing will leave your skin clean without harsh chemicals.  Contains Chamomile, Red Clover, Elderflower extracts, White Willow Bark extract.


SHELF LIFE: 12 months


Chamomile Facial Wash

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  • Wet face. Pour a small amount into palm of hand (or onto a cleansing sponge) and gently massage over entire face. Rinse well. Pat dry.

Ratings and Reviews

Tiffany W.

5.0 150 People love it

I've been wanting to try out Elle Johnson's products for some time now, and when I got the chance to get the magic minis set, I jumped on it. It didn't disappoint me in any way at all. So, today I bought the Glow Duo and I'm super excited to get these products in my hands. I'm truly thankful for companies like Elle Johnson's that keeps WOC in mind and care enough to make products for our specific needs. I will be making future purchases very shortly!


5.0 150 People love it

My aunt had been complaining about needing some new products for her skin. I had heard about Elle Johnson Co. and definitely wanted to try them since they are black-female owned (#BuyBlack). I ordered the mini set for my aunt and lip balm for myself and my aunt cannot stop raving about the entire product line! She said that as soon as the rose elixir hit her face, it was instantaneous! Her skin felt moisturized and taut, better than it had felt in a long time. She adored the other products as well and asked that I purchase everything for her in full size. Some items are currently sold out (a testament to the products) but I will get them all for her as soon as I can. Also, the packaging is super-luxe (looks great on a nightstand or powder room counter) and the customer service is bar none! I will definitely be ordering again!

Christian Sismone

5.0 150 People love it

I was sent the mini set and these provide such a luxe experience. The cleanser is gentle yet effective at balancing the skin, so it's well-prepped for treatments. I will be getting the full-size items as they need to be in my arsenal.

Tiffany Joy M.

5.0 150 People love it

Although initially, I ordered for the wrong skin type, I LOVE the products. The Twilight Facial Oil and the Pineapple Enzyme Mask smell absolutely amazing! The sugar scrub both feels good and leaves my skin smooth. Packaging has a luxury appeal, even the minis. I am waiting for my second order; hoping it arrives before my minis run out. Looking forward to the long term results!


5.0 150 People love it

I’ve decided to try this on my Teenage daughters acne and by far the best product out there it’s perfect and doesn’t cause irritation and mostly it’s not greased feeling. We use the Clear 3 bundle for combination skin and the twilight oil at night.


5.0 150 People love it

I love these products!!!! I have dry skin & I started off with the Magic mini dry skin kit, the sugar rush polish & the pineapple pretty mask and I absolutely love love the way my skin feels. The cleansing lotion is very gentle & yet I can tell that my skin is cleaned well. The sugar rush polish smells sooo good, it has a light fresh scent, reminds of baby powder! And that twilight oil ... so luxurious and moisturizing! My absolute fav product is the pineapple pretty mask! This is a must have & a new staple in my beauty fridge. It smells like a Hawaiian vacation & my skin literally glowed right after I rinsed it. I’m so glad I’ve found a new skincare line that I LOVE! ❤️


5.0 150 People love it

I absolutely love this brand! I bought the following items: chamomille face wash, toner, Jojoba moisturizer, twilight facial oil, cleansing pad, hydrating rose elixir, and blue gel cream. I absolutely love all the products. They keep my skin glowing, hydrated and clear! I must admit I didn’t expect my face to be so clear using only three products daily (well I change the moisturizer/oil for day and night). I’m already about to make a purchase so I don’t run out! I highly recommend! And Elle definitely showed appreciation in the box! Supporter/customer forever.


5.0 150 People love it

I love the mango face cream. A little goes a long way and it leaves my face feeling so soft.


5.0 150 People love it

The mini set was an amazing value! I’ve loved trying all the products. The cleanser is so gentle yet effective. My absolute favorite was the twilight oil. I loved the scent and the texture it left on my skin. All the products are very floral scented, so just an FYI if you are scent sensitive.


3.0 150 People love it

My skin regimen is very important to me and I wanted to find a black owned line that would be comparable if not better than what I have been using for years. I think I may have found it! The product is very nice, the packaging is beautiful! My chief complaints are: (1) All of the pumps were broken on my products and (2) the twilight serum has the worst smell! I had to wash it off before I could even see how different my skin would feel the next morning. Other than that, congrats on the line and I'm sure I will continue to support your products because I do like them, just not the twilight serum!

Brittnay Cureton

Love the chamomile face wash and jojoba moisturizer! The whole collection is awesome . I like that this collection is lightly scented and helps with my oily skin . Due to being pregnant and being sensitive to everything you system is a perfect match for all my hormonal problems. Lol The only issue I had with my mini’s is the pump didn’t work .The eye droppers are perfect though .


5.0 150 People love it

It’s always difficult to find facial products because my skin is extremely sensitive. Most products tend to leave my skin looking dry and flaky. I absolutely love the Hydrating Rose Facial Elixir and Twilight Facial Oil. They leave my skin glowing and silky smooth.

Mallory Foxx

5.0 150 People love it

I love the Twilight Facial Oil. I use it at night and when I wake up in the morning, my glow is poppin! I especially love the light smell of roses it has to it! The oil is not too heavy at all! Love it!

Angela Magee

5.0 150 People love it

So glad I found your product! I was previously using a system where my face would have a dry ashy look on my cheeks after using the serum as well as the moisturizer; but my nose (t-syndrome) would be shiny. I could never get the balanced effect it was supposed to have. With your products I saw an immediate difference. The chamomile facial wash is heavenly! My face feels nourished and smooth even before the toner and moisturizer. There's no tight feeling either. I really like how my face looks and feels after using the complete system morning and night. Thank you!!

Jasmine Sims

5.0 150 People love it

Love love love all the products I used. My skin responds so well to the chamomile wash and my skin loved the sugar scrub! Thank you so much for helping me get a routine.


4.0 150 People love it

So far my skin like the products however the pump DOES NOT work for two of my products. With everything going on the shipping was rather fast


5.0 150 People love it

Absolutely love these products!! The Chamomile Face Wash and Jojoba Moisturizer are to live for. My skin feels soft and smooth. I recently have been having to use an oil on my skin after applying face lotion because it still felt dry. I don’t have to do that anymore. Definitely will be using these products going forward!


5.0 150 People love it

So happy I found amazing skin products without all the harsh elements. My skin always feels nourished. Thank you!!!

Chemise F.

5.0 150 People love it

I LOVE Elle Johnson Co. products!! A couple of years ago, I was so self conscious about my face. I tried so many other products, nothing worked. Once I tried Elle Johnson, I became addicted. My skin is clearing up , many notice a " glow", and I feel so refresh !! I love it ! Forever a customer!

Chico J. Gilmore

5.0 150 People love it

From working out, traveling and conquering everyday goals. Elle Johnson Chamomile Facial Wash and Botanical Firming toner both ensures healthy facial skin for the everyday man on the go. I appreciate it!

Yuri Rivera

5.0 150 People love it

I recommend it with eyes closed. It is an extremely natural cream and provides genuine hydration, your skin feels more supple and impeccable. I love how it nourishes my skin and how it has helped me maintain healthy hydration. I love the brand. You will love your skin. Five star ⭐️

Shakeema Bouyer

5.0 150 People love it

I absolutely love the WHOLE Clear Three system!! The products are so light and a little goes a long way. The more consistent I am with usage my skin feels firmer and looks younger. This is a must buy!

Jasmine S.

5.0 150 People love it

Healthy skin care has always been a troubling area for me. I’d spend so much money trying different products to find what works for me. Giving Elle Johnson a try was by far the best thing I could have ever done. I’m not lying when I say there was an immediate change. My husband even prefers me to use Elle Johnson products because he even notices the difference. My face is now consistently clear, it is moisturized and feels SO smooth...smells good too! With this skin care system, wearing make up becomes more and more optional. The scrubs are also fun to use. I wasn’t a fan of the night oil, but I probably wasn’t using it right. Other than that, I’ve never been disappointed in a product. Elle Johnson has shown me that a natural glow is really a possibility for a girl like me!


5.0 150 People love it

Finding skin care products for me is always hit and miss. This line of skin care is definitely a hit. I ordered the Clear Bundle after reading the description, which I found EXTREMELY HELPFUL, I felt this one fit my profile the best. I must say, this team is great with processing, shipping, and even quickly correcting a minor mishap in less than record time for me. I have used them while traveling and the smaller sizes are perfect to take when needing to save space. I’m excited to see a line that is truly for all skin types and tones.

Ken Sings

5.0 150 People love it

This skincare line is amongst the most luxurious line that I have experienced. The meticulously crafted designs of the packaging is unmatched! The quality of the moisturizer and cleanser matches the packaging. I’m so appreciative for the way it caters to prestigious and distinguished males, like myself, that cares about their appearance. As a pageant title holder, it is very important to be camera ready at all times. This skincare line gives me the confidence each and every time I am making a public appearance!