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About Sheena Byrd

Owner of Star Studio beauty boutique, she’s a Professional Beauty Consultant, mother and wife working her business full time, with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. Sheena has the knowledge and the passion to help women achieve their ultimate beauty goals (from hair, makeup, and fashion). She believes in growth, which is why she takes time to give back in the community by sharing her knowledge with young ladies about proper skin care habits. 


As she would mention “getting up everyday to put a full face of makeup on, without the proper cleanse is like throwing your clothes on without a shower! So make sure you have a skin care regimen.” She truly believes in the Elle Johnson Co. product line because it caters to women like her, the women on the go and the mom’s that don’t really have much time so having a three step cleansing process is perfect. With the easy to follow steps by Elle, she couldn’t resist the affiliate program; she knew this would be a perfect asset to other beauties around her. 


Sheena is all about networking and building women up in every way with confidence, she welcomes any of you to connect with her. If ever interested in tips on how to with any of the three hair, makeup, and fashion industries feel free to reach out. Connect with Sheena by visiting Mysite or simply follow her on social media Instagram @stylesbysheena. 


Stay beautiful -Sheena 

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