Our Founder: LaVonndra Johnson

"I believe that all things should be beautiful, even your skincare" - LaVonndra Johnson, Founder


Hey ya'll (in my most southern voice)!  I'm LaVonndra Johnson, North Carolina native, and the founder of Elle Johnson Co., and this is my daughter Khi.  Although we're vastly different in our personal styles, skincare and beauty are our common ground as we practice self care and mental wellness. 

My Background

Before launching the Elle Johnson brand, I was an entrepreneur for more than 10 years.  I worked primarily in the fashion industry and evolved into a branding strategist leading fashion campaigns, and even spearheading the personal branding for a few reality tv stars.  Eventually I decided to phase out of the fashion industry and focus more on my true expertise, which is in branding.  For many years, I produced signature branded events, as well as designed and assisted in the launch of other product lines.  It was at this time, I decided to put my skill set to use for myself and launch my own beauty brand.

My Skincare Journey

If you're anything like me, your skincare journey has been a personal one with ups and downs, good days and bad days.  Growing up, I had extremely oily skin which caused blackheads, and comedenal acne on my forehead.  At the time, I had no clue what comedenal acne was, and apparently neither did my doctor, because they misdiagnosed it as eczema.  In a nutshell, comedenal acne is clogged skin pores that appear as tiny bumps, or a tiny rash that never comes to a head.  For years, I struggled with this, not understanding how to treat and rid myself of it.


To be honest, I tried all of the wrong things (scrubbing my skin, using alcohol to dry it out, even a certain infamous apricot scrub) before figuring out the right things to do.  It wasn't until I began to learn the importance of treating the skin based upon skin type that I conquered my skin issues.


Launching My Brand

Equipped with the concept of a proper skincare regimen, I began seeking the perfect products, but quickly became both overwhelmed, and underwhelmed.  I knew I didn't want a 10 step regimen, there had to be a simpler approach to skincare, and I also knew I wanted a luxury aesthetic that could proudly sit on my vanity.  As I began researching the market, I discovered my niche and decided to be the change I wanted to see, by launching my own luxury line of skincare that would be plant derived, gentle, effective, and true to the aesthetic of department store beauty (I absolutely love the beauty counters!).   I put my branding expertise to use and designed every aspect of the brand, from the initial logo (which has now changed), to the signature acrylic packaging, and even the website.  It was truly a labor of love, and I felt at home in my beauty bubble of glam and creativity.


Since the launch in 2017, we've grown from the initial 5 product lineup to more than two dozen products (and counting).  Our message is clear; simple skincare, but make it luxury, and we thrive off of customer reviews and referrals.  When I launched this brand, I was looking to remedy a personal need of my own, not knowing it would unite me with so many women (and men) who shared the same concerns and eagerness to further their skincare journey.  

I've always had a love of beautiful things, and with my brand, I get to share something beautiful with the world.  At Elle Johnson Co., we want your skincare regimen to be simple, yet effective.  We believe that all things should be beautiful, even your skin care! 


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